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Algonquin Regional High School - 79 Bartlett St. , Northborough, MA 01532

Game Schedule - Please click HERE 

Site Map - Please click HERE

Arrive Early — Please have your team arrive at least 30 minutes before your first game to allow time to park, register, find each other, set up your tents and other equipment, and get to your field.

Registration – Only coaches need to register at the Registration Tent.  Plan to check-in at least 30 minutes prior to your first game in case there are lines. 

Schedule – Please double-check your game schedule when you register your team to confirm your playing times and fields in case there were any last-minute changes.

Message Board – We will have a message board at the registration tent.  If your team is short players, please put your team name down on the board.  That way, if girls are looking to pick up extra games, they can simply show up at your field and help you out. 

Field Monitor Positions – Field monitors are strategically posted throughout the site under tents with “Field Monitor” banners.  Field monitors have a game and horn schedule as well as a field map.  Field monitors also have a walkie-talkie.  If there is an injury requiring medical attention, please either go to the closest field monitor station or the registration tent.  The field monitor will radio the nurse, who will immediately report to your site.

Respect our Hosts — We would like to use these facilities again, so please behave in a way that makes it easy for us to do so.  Also, please pick up all trash before leaving a field or your tent area. Many hands mean little work for us all.  Thank you.

Honor the Game – Please read this document regarding honoring the game and share it with your parents and players.  As a reminder, spectators are to sit on the opposite side of the field from the teams.  Spectators are asked to only participate in positive cheering from the sidelines.  For more information, on Honor the Game click HERE

Support our Sponsors and Vendors — Our sponsors & vendors have contributed significantly to making the Jamborees a success.  Please support them and visit their booths.

Parking - There is plenty of parking for our visitors.  MBGLL will post signs at the available lots.  Please do not park illegally.  The police will regularly patrol the area and ticket/tow illegally parked cars.  Handicap parking is available  in the Official's parking lot.

Threatening Weather — MBGLL’s Jamboree will take place unless the weather is REALLY bad or playing will damage the fields. Check this website for the latest schedule information in case of bad weather. It will have up-to-the minute information. Please don't call the site managers...with a total of 180 teams and almost 4,0000 girls playing, they are not able to handle the load.

Team Volunteer Assignments — The people managing the Jamboree are all volunteers like you. We all need to pitch in with "chores" like trash pickup, parking management, etc. We request that every team clean the fields up after each game and especially if you are playing during the last time slot of the day.  Garbage bags are available at the registration tent if you need them and there are plenty of trash cans throughout the field complex.  Please pay special attention to all of those water bottles.

Game Times — Games will start and stop on a central horn, so please arrive at the field ready to play. Not being ready means you play shorter games. Each team will play at least three games...a few will play four games if we have an odd number of teams in an age group.

Game Duration — Teams will play 19-minute halves with a 2-minute halftime. This will leave 5 minutes between games. Only a handful of teams have any back-to-back games...you will have to hurry to get to the different fields!

Team Sizes — U13 and U15 teams will play 12v12. U9 and U11 teams will play 7 v 7 with an optional goalie.

First Aid Personnel — MBGLL will have first aid personnel on-site.    If you have a medical emergency on a field, please go to the nearest Field Monitor Station.  All field monitors have walkie talkies and are able to call the nurse immediately.  The nurse is stationed at the registration tent.

Tent Area – There are a couple of different areas where teams may set up tents. Because of safety concerns, we ask that you not use grills at the facility.

Pets – You may bring dogs to Northborough but please carry plastic bags with you to clean up after them.  We don’t want our players to step in any surprises with their cleats.  All pets must remain on leash at all times while on-site.


Have a fantastic Jamboree experience!