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Welcome to the Medway High School Lacrosse
Booster's Club


Founded in 2010, our goal is to support the Medway High School Lacrosse Programs through fund raising and organizational support activities. We are looking for people to help out in a variety of areas. Please contact us at medwaylaxboosters@gmail.com if you would like to help support the program with your time or a donation. 

Larry Jackson                           President                                  larrysjackson8@gmail.com

Don Bugbee                             Vice President                          dbugbee@hotmail.com

Marcia Pereira                          Treasurer                                  marciap13@yahoo.com

Caroline Ferns                          Co-Fundraising Chair               carolineferns@verizon.net

Lisa Heaney                             Co-Fundraising Chair                heaney-lisa@aramark.com

Krista Digregorio                       Secretary                                  kristadigregorio@gmail.com

Debbie Brooks                          Youth Liaison                            despinabrooks@verizon.net


Like Us on Facebook at https://www.facebook.com/medwaylaxboosters